One day in Bucharest, Romania


As I’m sure not many people might know this East European capital, Bucharest is, in fact, the capital of Romania. That fish looking country (as they taught us in school back in the days) neighboring Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Moldavia, close enough to Russia but still very close to the EU. If you are planning to spend one day in Bucharest, keep on reading because here is where I will spill all my valuable tips and tricks.

   Like a Pheonix bird, Bucharest has risen from its own ashes, after many years under a totalitarian communist regime, during which the country and capital were close to the outside world, the city has regained its charm and it sure is worth paying it a visit.

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   The not so small capital has gained a “hipster-ish” vibe and here is where you will taste one of the best coffees in Europe, the same being valid also for the wine area, as Romania is the sixth largest wine producer in Europe. And believe me, quality is also a feature, not only quantity and you will surely want to fit it all in your one day in Bucharest.
Starting your day with a delicious brunch.

One day in Bucharest, Romania | IngridZenMoments

   Brunch-ing is a trend in Bucharest, thus making it difficult to choose between all the great locations that offer all sorts of delicious international dishes. This being said, if I were you, I would be heading for Frudisiac, hoping to find a place in the small minimalist “Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant” (as they call themselves) since they do not take reservations. If you are in luck, sit down, enjoy the view and make sure to order the incredible pancakes you’ll find here. Even though this would not seem much, I would easily fit it into my top things to do in Bucharest.

   If not, take a stroll (or a bus) up to Shift Pub, one of my favorite places in town, sit outside in the small green garden and taste the yummy Primavera Pasta dish.

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    Do some sightseeing

    Now that you’ve solved the eating part, you are ready and full of energy for doing a little bit of sightseeing. Unlike many of the European Capitals, Bucharest is not packed with tourists (yet) and you won’t be bothered by tens of people stepping on your feet or getting in front of your camera when trying to take a picture. Add this to the pro list that will tilt the scale and will make you want to spend one day in Bucharest.

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    A few of the places not to miss in one day in Bucharest:

The Romanian Village Museum, located in the biggest park in Bucharest – Herastrau Park – where you will step in an almost real village, hosting houses from different regions of the country, built in different centuries. Apart from this, you will also have the possibility of visiting different heritage collections, from traditional handmade carpets to ceramics, to textiles and traditional costumes.

The Arc de Triumph – really close to the Village Museum, you will ask yourself if you are still in Bucharest or maybe in Paris. The Arch was raised in 1922 and it is indeed a smaller version of the one you will see (or have already seen) in Paris. You can climb the staircase up to the top and admire the city from above, especially the split between the green wide park and the homes area in the Primaverii neighborhood.

One day in Bucharest, Romania
Casa Poporului – moving towards the center of the city, you will want to visit the enormous building Ceausescu built during his ruling. While it is hard to miss, as it is the largest administrative building in the world, hosting the Parliament, the building is not a thing Romanian people should be proud of since many have died in the building process.

   Stepping inside the building, inspired by another in the North Korean capital, you will get to see and feel Ceausescu’s megalomania and grandeur desire, the heavy marble walls, the thick expensive rugs, the huge chandeliers are only of the few things that will catch your eye in the many rooms. Even though this is an important attraction of the city and one of the top things to do in Bucharest, I will leave it to you to decide whether you want to fit it into your schedule if you only have one day in Bucharest.

National Museum of Romanian history – if you ask me, this place is better known for the statue in front, than for the actual exhibits. You will notice it for sure, passing by on Calea Victoriei, leaving the CEC building on the right side, you will be welcomed on the left by this statue of a guy holding a…well…dog, many might say. In fact, the statue is supposed to be none other than the Roman Emperor Trajan, holding in its arm the Lupa Capitolina.One day in Bucharest, Romania | IngridZenMoments

Coffee time

   After all that sightseeing, you must have gotten a bit tired and are in a deep need of caffeine. You are just in luck because only a few steps away from Calea Victoriei, you will find the best coffee place in town, Origo. Here is where you will taste one of the best coffees you’ve ever had, or if you come after 7 PM, a cocktail like you’ve never had elsewhere.

Eating, again

   Once you’re ready for dinner, go back to the North part of the city and book a table at Nor Sky Casual Restaurant. I have to admit the best thing about this place is the view, is located on the 36th floor of a round office building, offering a 360 degrees view over the city.

   Party hard!

   Well, you can’t leave the city without ending your one day in Bucharest with a wild night out in the old town city center. Here is where the magic happens, where people from all over the world come to party since alcohol is not that expensive, the streets are packed with clubs and with joyful people. I promise this place won’t disappoint and you will be partying until 6 in the morning since clubs are open until the last customer.

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  1. I’ve always been curious about Romania. Bucharest looks so beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful insights!

  2. Alessa Bernal says: Reply

    Looks amazing! I wanna visit romania!
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    Alessa Bernal

  3. Hi Ingrid. I think to best sum it up about Bucharest is to say that the days are for museums and cafes, while nights are for clubs and pubs. There’s a little bit of everything in the mix, for anyone who wants to have a nice time for a couple of days in Bucharest.

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