Transylvania road trip

Road trip through Romania – one week of Transylvania exploration

Since we haven’t been exploring Romania that much lately, and the budget for the first part of the year was going in another place, we have decided to take a short one week holiday and hit the road in our beautiful home country, and more specifically to take a Transylvania road trip. 

Romania is such a beautiful country, remaining still an undiscovered hidden gem for most.

Of course, traveling through the country has its downside mainly because of the poor infrastructure, not having highways especially in Transylvania.

But somehow, for this trip, I chose to see the beauty in everything. Not having to drive on the highway meant we could go through different beautiful little towns, moving from the communist Southern part to the colorful and very different central and Western part of the country.

Traveling through Transylvania in Romania

Traveling in Romania is somewhat difficult if you don’t have a car, and even so, the roads are not the best and you will drive through many villages with speed limitation (50 km/h is the speed limit in most villages in Romania).

Thus, it will take quite some time to get through one place to the other, but as I said, this could also be the fun part since you can stop by and visit things along the way.

If you are planning to go by train, that would be somewhat more difficult but not impossible.

Thus, a road trip through Transylvania is the best idea in my opinion.

What to see and where to stop in Transylvania

I just love this part of the country, and I’ve always done. I remember being in university and deciding from one day to another to go on a road trip in Transylvania, without knowing where and how.

That was the beauty about being young and careless: jumping in the car with 2 or 3 friends and leaving Bucharest without a plan, without a place to stay in, and without knowing where we will be the next morning.

But this time we were a bit more organized, and we knew where we wanted to stop and what we wanted to see. That doesn’t mean we did not stop by in unplanned locations, because we did.

We left Bucharest behind with some supplies for the road and with some beautiful flowers (for the pretty pictures, of course. Check them out on Instagram!).

Driving West, but first going towards the center of the country.

I would recommend stopping for one night in Brasov

With its German roots, the city is 3 hours away from Bucharest (depending on the traffic on Prahova Valley which can be very crazy) but you will find a very different town.

Transylvania Road trip

I’ve spent one full Sunday in Brasov in the weekend previous to our vacation and had the chance to explore some of the places I hadn’t previously seen.

The two towers ( the White and Black one) offer both incredible views over the city, with its brown ceilings and the Brasov sign overlooking the city from the mountain in front.Transylvania road trip

Strolling through the Old Town with pedestrian areas filled with restaurants, coffee places, and beautiful German infused buildings in the search for a good restaurant to eat at made us even hungrier. But in the end, we made the right decision and enjoyed some delicious Romanian food right in Sfatului Square, where all the people gather in a sunny afternoon.

Transylvania Road trip

Moving forward, we drove towards Sighisoara.


Sighisoara is a place I dreamt about going when I was little, and where I finally got to years later several times.

But the last time I visited it was back in 2010. Wow, almost 9 years ago have passed since then and I really wanted to get back.

So we did.

And we spent one night in this beautiful medieval city in the heart of Romania, where apart from the colorful streets, we found the most amazing place to stay, at the foot of the citadel: Casa Savri.

Transylvania road trip

The guesthouse dates from 1568 as it can be seen on the facade and the owners have restored it some years ago and treated it like a museum, keeping the historic feel, while also keeping many of the objects discovered here.

 From the first moment we stepped in we felt that Sorina and Cristi take care of this place with an open heart and really love the guesthouse and their home town, Sighisoara, wanting more people to hear about it and to discover its surroundings in Transylvania. And it can be easily understood why. Transylvania road trip

Maybe February is not the most common month for visiting these places, but we were lucky enough to have a sunny day to enjoy the colors in the citadel and its empty streets.

After spending a relaxing evening at Casa Savri, we woke up, enjoyed a delicious hearty breakfast and climbed the stairs starting in the guesthouse’s back yard directly to the citadel.

Transylvania road trip

As I said, the good part about visiting Sighisoara during offseason is that you get to have the city all to yourself.

And if you wake up and go to the citadel at 10 in the morning on a Sunday, you will be one of the few people on the streets, like us.

Transylvania road trip

We spent one hour just walking around, taking beautiful colorful pictures with the old buildings, admiring the architecture, and talking about history (well, my boyfriend did the talking, I did the listening haha).

Transylvania road trip

Once we saw everything there was to be seen, we continued our road trip through Transylvania and drove all the way to Oradea, where we spent one-week taking advantage of all the pretty places.

Read all about Oradea in my Oradea tourist attractions article

What else can you see from Sighisoara when spending more than one night here?

Less than one hour away from Sighisoara, one place really worth visiting is Rupea Fortress. We’ve passed by this place so many times and always looked out the window wondering how this place looks like, so this time we’ve decided to stop and see it, on our way to Sighisoara.

Rupea Fortress dates from the XIII-th century and is easily spotted from the main road, triumphantly overseeing its surroundings from the top of a hill.

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Of course, there are other places I would love to go back and see in the area.

Like the beautiful little village called Viscri dating from the 12th century, proudly displaying Saxon roots as well, with its fortified church part of the UNESCO World Heritage as the main attraction.

Another unique place also in the area, Biertan is located in a valley surrounded by hills and vineyards. Dating from 1283, the town is surely impressive and something worth visiting.

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Other places to be included in the road trip through Transylvania:

  • Apold
  • Saschiz – with its fortified church
  • Fagaras – with the imposing fortress where I need to get back someday because when I went some many times ago I was feeling really sick and did not get the chance to admire it
  • Malancrav
  • Cincsor – need I say more?
  • Medias – and its surroundings
  • and of course, Sibiu

Transylvania road trip

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