Most Instagram perfect spots in Bucharest – by a local

Bucharest, aka my hometown, has so many pretty spots so please get ready to discover them all with me. Of course, I won’t be able to include everything in one post, but I will at least do my best and share with you all the most Instagram perfect spots in Bucharest.

Since a few months ago, I have started going out exploring Bucharest every now and then on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Of course, most of the streets I already knew.

But then, there are also those hidden gems you only get to see by chance or discover while snooping around Instagram on other people’s pages.

As always, Spring is the perfect time to explore the city (any city for that matter) and Bucharest will raise up to its Little Paris name offering enough Instagram perfect spots.

Most Instagram perfect spots in Bucharest

The Triumphal Arch

I was talking about Paris earlier, and there’s no coincidence in that because Bucharest was called the Little Paris during the XIXth century.

One of its links to France’s Capital is, of course, the Triumphal Arch.

Built after World War I, the Triumphal Arch is today one of the most Instagram perfect places in Bucharest wouldn’t you say so?

Most Instagram perfect spots in Bucharest

The Japenese Garden in Herastrau Park

This place is definitely my favorite one in Spring. And Autumn.

As the name says it, in the Japenese Garden you will find lots and lots of cherry trees perfectly placed for us to take the most incredible Instagram pictures.

Moreover, the lake with the small Japanese inspired statue takes me right in the heart of Japan.

The Palace of the Parliament

As much as I don’t resonate with its history, I don’t find it beautiful or at least appealing, want it or not the Palace of the Parliament is an important landmark of Bucharest.

The heaviest building in the world, dating a little bit before me from 1985, it’s one building hard to miss.

When it comes to pictures, two are the spots you will want to head to: the water fountains leading from Piata Unirii to the Palace of Parliament, and the Izvor Park.

And while you’re there, step inside and pay the Palace a visit.


Visiting Bucharest in one day

Carturesti Carusel

One of the most beautiful libraries out there, Carturesti Carusel is my favorite place for spending a Sunday afternoon in town. Read something, drink a coffee at their terrace, take a few pictures with this stunning architecture.


one day in Bucharest

George Enescu Museum

It was some plenty of years ago that I have passed by the George Enescu Museum and decided to step inside and not only admire the external architecture visible from Victoriei Street.

Meantime I’ve attended an amazing unplugged concert in their garden and have passed it by man times without actually stopping and giving it the required attention.

So don’t be like me, stop by!


Romanian Athenaeum

This place is maybe one of the most photographed landmarks in Bucharest. Especially during Spring and Summer when all the beautiful colorful flowers pop out on the front lawn.

All sides of this building will offer endless photography possibilities and you won’t leave empty handed.

Most Instagram perfect spots in Bucharest

Mogosoaia Palace

One of my favorite places for a short getaway away from the city, here is where plenty of brides will be spotted, being the most popular wedding photography spot in town.

Apart from that, they have a pretty nice restaurant where you can drink your coffee and get energized for the photo session to come.

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When you don’t have to travel too far from home to find the magic ❤️ Have started writing an article on the blog about my favorite getaways from Bucharest since I’ve found that I have a somewhat long-ish list 🙈 and it’s a pity not to share it with you all. Ehat do you say, should this place right here make it ❤️✨? . . . . . #traveldreamseekers #letsgoeverywhere #girlslovetravel #femaletravelbloggers #blogbffs #shetravelz #girlsabroad #travelwomen #girlaroundworld #ladiesgoneglobal #Iamatraveler #nomadgirls #girlaroundtheworld #citizenfemme #romaniapitoreasca #romaniamagica #darlongescapes #ig_romania #bestplacetogo #365romania #visitromania #vscobalkans #romaniafrumoasa #experienceromania #promovezromania #instagramromania #topromaniaphoto #discoverromania #romaniainimagini #amazingromania

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Carol Park

I have to admit I haven’t visited this park in a while (apart from a concert, but it was late and it was dark), but the pictures I have recently seen on Instagram convinced me to add it on my list.

Coffeol Romania

Another place I must admit I haven’t visited yet, but when it opened in the Old Town my feed was filled with mouthwatering pictures of delicious coffee. I don’t know how it tastes but it sure looks good.

CEC Palace

I love this building, especially the way it is seen from the Old Town right in front of the Caru’ cu Bere Restaurant. Another spot that Instagrammers prefer is the view you get from the steps of the History Museum.

Since the building is still in use by a bank, it is seldom open for visits inside of the Palace, which is impressive.


French Revolution

Here is where you will find some of the best eclairs in town, and most photogenic ones as well.

They are delicious and one of the locations in Bucharest is pretty nice for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Stavropoleos Monastery

A hidden gem, in the heart of Bucharest.

When I think that I used to go out and party for so many years right next to this Instagrammable place in Bucharest without knowing anything about it.

But you shouldn’t do it like me, go on and see it, and don’t leave without taking those pretty pictures.

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So I took a walk in freezing Bucharest yesterday and decided to enter a few of the buildings I still haven’t been to. Needless to say the plan was a fail 🤣 because some of them were closed. *** But either way I stepped inside the garden of this beautiful hidden gem (for me at least) in the Old Town. I don’t know how many times I’ve partied hard somewhere close, went out for a coffee or just walked around these streets without knowing that this little old building, standing here since the 1700s had such a charming architecture and hidden garden 😍 *** Do you take the time to explore your home town or country? *** Where have you been lately that you’ve missed for so long? . . . . . #igersbucharest #discoverbucharest #wearebucharest #bucurestirealist #storyofbucharest #experiencebucharest #ig_bucharest #enjoybucharest #mybucharest #bucurestirealist #bucharestmyhome #bucharestcityfeelings #romaniapitoreasca #romaniamagica #darlingescapes #ig_romania #igers_romania #romaniawow #365romania #visitromania #romaniamea #beautifulromania #romaniafrumoasa #experienceromania #promovezromania #instagramromania #topromaniaphoto #discoverromania #romaniainimagini #amazingromania

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Grand Hotel Continental on Calea Victoriei

Walk a few minutes away from Piata Constitutiei and the Romanian Atheneum and you won’t miss it. On a corner of Victoriei Street, the white building will catch your eye.

One day in Bucharest


The umbrellas in Pasajul Victoria

One minute away from Hotel Continental is Pasajul Victoria. There you will find maybe the most iconic (cliche?) and Instagrammable place in Bucharest: the umbrella street.

I’ve been there once when the weather was cold and the umbrellas were no longer there, but now I saw that they are back in their fool beauty.

Most Instagram perfect spots in Bucharest

Village Museum

If you want to learn a little bit about Romanian history and its architecture in different villages and take pretty pictures for your Instagram, here is the place to go.

Inside of Herastrau Park, take a few hours to explore the museum.

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Stay in your magic, keep the colours alive❤️

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The streets with names of cities

In the most expensive area of Bucharest here is where you’ll find also some of the oldest and most beautiful houses in town. Filled with history, whenever I walk these streets I always think about how Bucharest has been long ago.

Get lost on London Street, Paris Street, Rome Street and many others in the area.

The Maps Museum

This is a rather new attraction on my list because I have found out about it only at the end of 2018.

Since I still haven’t been there I cannot tell you all about it, but from the pretty pictures I’ve seen, together with the fact that we are talking about an old book and maps museum, I’m pretty sure I would love it.

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Maps everywhere 😍

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Arthur Verona street

Also known as the graffiti street because the street is filled with lots of impressive, artistic and colorful graffitis.Most Instagram perfect spots in Bucharest

All the hipster coffee shops

My favorite thing (ok, one of them): coffee. And I’m not talking about any kind of coffee, but a delicious one.

The people in all these cool coffee places that filled Bucharest in the last years. Check out my post on the best things to do in Bucharest if you want to get a good list of all the good ones.

Cismigiu Bistro and its pink vibe

The pink place with the most perfect sunset views to match the interiors.

Pura Vida Sky Bar

The coolest place in town: colorful, perfect views and great music.

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