Last year I planned to escape for a weekend just before Christmas to Sibiu, the colorful vibrant Transylvanian town, but somehow plans don’t always happen, but I’m not the type to give up on dreams. So, fast forward to one year later (that is, now), and on a rainy gloomy Friday, I jumped in a friend’s car and off we went for the Sibiu Christmas Market. 

Sibiu Christmas Market

Why Sibiu Christmas Market?

Why going all the way to Sibiu for a Christmas Market when I have one in my hometown, or one in Brasov, way closer to home? Well, because I love Sibiu at any time of the year, and I had never seen it during Winter, and I had heard so many wonderful things about the Christmas Market they have here. 

Sibiu Christmas Market

Sure, I’ve seen the Christmas Market in Munich, and the one in Oradea, but you can never see too many, right?

Also, I have had this thing for Sibiu ever since I was a little girl who was traveling only twice per year with her parents. I remember sitting one day in front of the TV and watching some kind of documentary. The city they were showing was so very different from the grey, crowded, gloomy one I was used to live in. 

Sibiu Christmas Market

Needless to say I was charmed and told my parents that we need to visit Sibiu! Some years later we did, and what I’ve seen was pretty much what I was waiting to see.

The beautiful houses, with such a different architecture than the one we have in this part of the country, and everything I was used to. The colorful walls, the cobbler stone streets, the accent people have, the way they take things easier. 

Sibiu Christmas Market

I loved Sibiu and I would go back whenever I have the chance, thus visiting it for the Sibiu Christmas Market was a must and high on my list. 

What have we done in 2 days at the Sibiu Christmas Market?

Since Sibiu is such a beautiful town, it was not hard to fill one full day and we mostly spent the time in the main square, where Santa’s houses were installed, and where we got to spend our money, haha. My friend even said we are soooo good at spending money we must be stopped. 

Sibiu Christmas Market

Buying local made things from Christmas markets is nice and a great activity for the month of December, but if you don’t have the time or are not in the mood, I come with a great option: Romanian Art and Craft. 

Only one click away, you can find the greatest gift ideas from Romania. From delicious sweets (go for the filled nuts and you won’t be sorry) to pretty mugs (the ones in their Once Upon a Time in Romania collection are my personal favorite ones),  or traditional pottery and clothing

Sibiu Christmas Market

While wondering around the colourful streets, a novel display caught my attention so I stepped inside this small pretty store, where I spent some time because I’m like a cat and get distracted by all the pretty little things. Jujube Atelier is Paradise! 

If you like handmade things, natural products that actually smell amazing, beautiful Romanian jewelry you will spend a lot of time here. They also have a passion for flowers and ornaments and have their own coffee, which is even cooler. 

Moving forward, since Saturday was a rainy day, we wanted to stay a bit inside as well, so we climbed the Tower (Turnul Sfatului), from where we got a perfect view over the city, especially the Christmas Market from above which looked lovely with all the red little houses and the ice skating ring. 

Sibiu Christmas Market

On Sunday, before leaving towards Bucharest, we ate at this cool place, with the most wonderful interior design (and exterior for that matter): Pardon Cafe. 

I literally could not stop from taking pictures of every little chic room of this incredibly cool decorated house. And the food is delicious as well! The perfect place for a brunch, lunch or dinner. 

Sibiu Christmas Market
Sibiu Christmas Market

On our way home, we stopped by at Castelul de lut Valea Zanelor because I had seen so many pretty pictures from this place and I wanted to see it for myself. I have to admit I was not really impressed, the building is different and has such an unique architecture, but since it is empty and you don’t have much to see or do here, I would recommend coming here only if it is on your way. 

Sibiu Christmas Market
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