What books to read on vacation

What books will you read on vacation?

I don’t know what books will you read on vacation, but I know what I’m taking with me today as I am heading South (Santorini, Greece) for one full week of relaxation and delight. In one of my past posts, I have written about Hosseini’s “And the Mountains Echoed”, and now it’s time to choose new books to read on vacation.

I can’t wait to get there and just spend 7 days doing nothing much but read, enjoy the incredible views Santorini offers, together with the wines and food! You can imagine that for this place, I have also chosen the best books I thought suitable for reading.

So what am I reading on vacation?

For my birthday this year, I have received from my lovely colleagues at work (my other work, yeah) a voucher to use in this place – if you ever find yourself in Bucharest, Romania make sure to pay it a visit because it is really beautiful – and so the quest to find the best books to read on vacation begun.   And here is what  I found:

  1. Zadie Smith – Swing Time 

I think 3 years have passed since I read her other Best Seller, White Teetha book which I loved at my second try. I was actually also on vacation in Malta when I decided I should give it another chance and I’m proud to have made that decision because the book is different from anything else I had ever read up to that point.

I have already started reading Swing Time and I have to admit that, even though the plot is not very complex (the story of a friendship, two girls growing up together on the wrong side of London, growing into two totally different persons and places) up to this point, Zadie has a particular writing style that will have you turning another and another page. She makes you feel part of the plot, making you live with the characters.

What books to read on vacation - Zadie Smith Swing Time | IngridZenMoments

2. Elif Shafak – Three daughters of Eve

As you might already know if you have read my previous book posts, I love Elif’s writing style and I have devoured all her books up until now. So it was to be expected that as soon as I’ve seen her latest book, published only last year, on the shelf at the bookstore I had to have it!

I still haven’t started reading it, but what I love about Elif’s style is how she manages to blend the West with the East, bringing cultures together, while creating unique characters, who would stand out from the crowd. The Guardian’s tagline to the book: “A young Muslim woman’s spiritual quest takes her from Istanbul to Oxford as she learns about love, faith, and real life.”

What to read on vacation

3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – The Thing around your neck

Another one of my contemporary favorite female writers, I have read all her books and I am constantly looking for new inspiration from her side, thus I have stumbled upon this collection of short stories.

I love how she drops you straight in the middle of things, unfolding the action piece by piece, making you want to read more, to learn more, in order to understand more.  In her stories, she talks about a distant and so different world than my own, making me even more curious to dug dipper in the African culture and lifestyle, since her writing is suffused with social and political comment.  So if you still haven’t heard about her and are willing to try something different and new, read this book!What books to read on vacation

I guess three books should be enough for one week since I will want to do some sightseeing as well, but you can decide what is your magic number 🙂

So what are you reading on the beach this year?

What books to read on vacation

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