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Where to run from Bucharest? – Comana Natural Park

Are you thinking about visiting Bucharest, Romania and you don’t know what the outskirts of the city might have in store? Or better yet, you are already here for a period of time and are wondering what to do also outside of town? Well, you’ve come to the right place because this is my suggestion for the perfect day trip from Bucharest: Comana Natural Park.

Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
The Comana lake

Why visiting Comana?

First of all, because you will find here an oasis of relaxation, far away from the city (and yet not that far away), in the middle of a delta filled with specific wild life. You can bring a binocular if you are passionate about birds because you will have the chance to see 141 species, out of which 71 are protected worldwide. And if you’re lucky you might bump into a wild cat or an otter. Just take the time and allow yourself to have a peaceful walk along the paths between waters and take all in, disconnect and admire the beauty around you.

Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
Relaxation time, admiring the ducks going on about their daily business

Secondly, for the many activities Comana had on display for you to choose from:

  • Adventure park suitable not only for kids but also for the kid in you. You can test here your climbing skills, your balance, force and even have fun by using the flying fox over the lake

    Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
    Flying fox over Comana lake
  • Rent a bike and set on at exploring the woods that surround the Comana Natural Park. They even have the pretty purple girly bikes, just be careful cause these are not really woods friendly and if you are not used to riding one, you might have to pay extra attention when wandering on the country side roads. The price for renting a bike for one hour is 15 RON (3.5 EUR), while for one day you will have to pay 50 RON (approx. 10 EUR)

    Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
    Getting lost in the woods around Comana on my purple girly bike
  • Take the ferry and set out for an hour of discoveries and on water exploration, this way you will find it easier to see the diverse biosystem living in the delta. It can be organized for groups but you can also join one group if you are interested, just ask for more information at the reception

    Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
    Taking the ferry on the Delta
  • If you prefer exploring the delta on your own terms, you can also rent a boat or a cayac and recreate your own version of The Notebook (or is it just me?). The hourly price varies from 25 RON (5.5 EUR) to 45 RON ( 10 EUR) for the motorboat.

    Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
    Boat sailing on the Neajlov Delta
  • Archery, tennis, paintballhorse back riding and even riding a carriage in the woods are only a few of the other activities available here for you to spend a full perfect day in nature

    Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
    Explore the wild life in the Delta
  • Spend a night at the Casa Comana villa, a traditional yet stylish villa overlooking the lake. Here, you will be overwhelmed by the tranquility of the location and you will get to fall in love with the sunset over the delta. You can choose to stay in the main villa, with the main restaurant at your disposal, where you will have access also to the SPA facilities. Contrary, if you are looking for the genuine experience, you can rent one of the secluded villas, where you will have the lake and the house all to yourself

    Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
    Casa Comana with the main traditional Romanian restaurant
  • Come here only for lunch and indulge in one of the many huge portions served at one of the 3 restaurants and terraces on the water you will find here. You can choose from traditional Romanian food, international cuisine, and Greek food. Whatever you do, just make sure you try Papanasi, the traditional Romanian dessert you don’t have to miss.

    Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
    Summer at the lake

All in all, no matter if you choose to come to Comana only for a few hours on a day you decide you want to run away from the hectic city or if you come here to spend some days, you will surely find a destination you will want to get back to and tell your friends about.

Where to run from Bucharest - Comana Natural Park
Casa Comana

Useful information:

  • Schedule: the adventure park is open from Monday to Friday from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M, while during weekends you can stay until 7 P.M. Be advised that they are not taking reservations for weekends for any activities
  • Localization: if you are coming from Bucharest (or any other place for that matter), you will need to have a car (rent or borrow one) because there is no public transport available in the area. It won’t be a long drive from Bucharest, only 30 KM away towards Giurgiu, you can find here the exact route.

Escape from Bucharest - Comana

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