Gift ideas for the travel girl

10 Best gifts for travel girls

With the holidays knocking at our door, I’ve always had issues in finding the perfect gift for someone, even if the person was close to me.

Be it a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion that requires a nice present, I’ve always thought about what I would like to receive and I  found it easier to always come up with travel-related gifts, thus here is my list of the best gifts for travel girls (as myself) for the coming holidays!

Best Gifts for travel girls

  • A cool, colorful sweatshirt that will keep anyone warm when traveling through the cold time of the year, but still keeping it stylish and fun, for all those Instagram pictures that will follow. Make it even better by gifting one with a positive vibe message, such as this one with a rainbow and the “Today was a good day”


  • Some good and natural face products – let’s get one thing clear, I have an issue with my skin and especially my face gets really dry during cold weather, whenever I travel and don’t get hydrated enough, or whenever I’m in a new place and the water might be different than the one my skin is used to. That’s why I always make sure to have a good mask and a good face cream with me. I have to confess I’ve tried so far many types of products, but lately, I’ve become an Apivita fan, since they are mostly natural and I get well with their products. Thus, a good Gentle Cleansing Mask with Pink Clay and a set with a good face cream is always a great gift idea.

  • EWE2 –  One of the CUTEST pom pom and KEYCHAIN that comes in a luxurious and splendid ballet pink box. I know, a sheep keychain? What’s with me? But EWE2 is so cute you will instantly fall in love with it, trust me. I’ve had her with me in Budapest and Lisbon, and I can’t help but take pictures with her all over, she really made my vacations so much fun. Moreover, it comes in 5 different colors, it’s natural (from sheep’s hair), and you will melt when you’ll see her pretty eyes looking at you.

  • A useful and funny sleep mask and a travel pillow – that is something useful in my case not only when I travel, but also at home, because I cannot sleep with light in the room, and sleep is very important for me with my migraines. I’m a sucker for cute things, especially the ones with animals on them, and even though you don’t see it it’s still fun for others when you wear it.

  • A silver pendant with the world – I liked this thing for so much time now, and I know plenty of my friends who like it as well and have it or wish to have it. How lovely would this thing look around one’s neck? And the options to choose from are plenty, without having to break the bank.

  • A framed world map – you can always choose to go for a scratching map or one of the normal ones that look good on the wall. I’ve always liked also the kind of world map that can be personalized with pictures we’ve gathered from our trips around the world.

  • Coffee travel mug – who loves coffee? who doesn’t, right? I sure do, and whenever I am in the airport I always stop for a cup of coffee, no matter the time. In the plane, on the other hand, I don’t like drinking it. First of all, because I’ve once read an article (it might not have been accurate, but it stuck on me) about the water they use for brewing the coffee inside the lane. Secondly, because I don’t like the taste. I’m picky like that. Solution: once pretty travel mug, for you to carry your own coffee from home (just that you won’t be able to take too much).

  • A pretty passport holder – that comes in very handy when one is traveling and might want to avoid misplacing the important document. Moreover, if it’s pretty, it’s even better, because who doesn’t want to make life more colorful and joyful?

  • Luggage tag – one that will make the luggage unmissable and will make it hard for one to lose it through all the other luggage on the line. I don’t own one and whenever I find myself waiting in line, trying to guess which one is mine, I always start thinking about how useful having this might be.

  • GoPro – ok, I admit it, you don’t have to travel a lot in order to have a GoPro. But it sure helps to have one, especially when traveling to more tropical destinations, where one would like to take pictures or film under water. That’s certainly on my list.

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10 best gift ideas for travel girls

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