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When I think of the most Zen places that I have ever visited, one tranquil oasis comes immediately to mind.

Nestled in the lush, tropical hills of Mahé island, Seychelles is a resort unlike any I have ever been to before. Private villas, each with their own infinity pools sit are dotted along the hillside, separated by tall green palms and granite boulders. They look out over the vast Indian Ocean, in prime position to watch a breath-taking red sunset.

Now I know what you’re thinking. The Four Seasons? I could never afford to visit somewhere as lavish as that. I was exactly like you and deemed this haven so inaccessible to me, I never considered visiting it when I booked my stay in Seychelles. In fact, I stayed in an AirBnB villa, only a 5 minute drive away from The Four Seasons but frequently visited the lavish resort for meals and a nice Zen experiences.

The Four Seasons, Seychelles is open to the public for visiting and to accept this offer doesn’t cost you a penny. All you need to do is arrive at the entrance and state that you are visiting the beach bar. They’ll take your details and happily let you into the resort. Once you’re in, you are then treated exactly the same as a paying guest would be. You have access to the beach, the water sport activities, the bar and restaurant. You are not however permitted to go in the pool unless you pay extra to be ‘a guest for the day’. But when the turquoise Indian Ocean is on your doorstep, you don’t need a swimming pool.

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Petite Anse: One of the Most Beautiful Beaches on the Island

The resort has its own private beach called Petit Anse which is claimed to be one of the best beaches in the whole of Mahé. It is indeed a beautiful white-sand beach with granite cliffs either side, making the water extremely tranquil. Snorkelling is also said to be wonderful here with turtles often popping their heads near the cliffs.

There are deck-chairs on the beach but these are only available to the resort’s guests. If you would like to unwind on the beach, I recommend your own beach towels which you can place on the beach. This is perfectly fine to do and there are plenty of shaded spots to lay them.

There are a host of water sport activities that are free to use including kayaking. I excitedly decided to take out a double kayak which was an incredibly relaxing activity. I could even see numerous fish swimming beneath our kayak. There was a beautiful silence around us only broken by the slicing of our paddle into the waves.

A member of staff watches the beach and the ocean to check for any strong waves or animals like sharks or jellyfish. This gives you peace of mind especially when swimming or taking a kayak quite far out.

The Best Service I have Ever Received

One of the main reasons that I loved this resort so much was because the service I received was faultless. The staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating. I was half expecting to be frowned upon for not being a guest of the resort but instead I was treated like royalty. It was an incredibly refreshing experience.

I visited the resort so much that the staff started to recognise me and they even let me indulge in a cheeky dip in the swimming pool. They also quickly learnt what my ‘regular’ drink was and always guessed what I was about to order. I love it when people pay so much attention to you like that.

The Most Delicious Food in Seychelles

I am a big foodie. Food makes or breaks a place for me. There was so much good food at this resort that I’m going to have to break this section down even further. Let’s start with the resort’s sushi restaurant.

The ZEZ Lounge Sushi Restaurant

I was delighted when I learnt that The Four Seasons had a sushi restaurant as sushi is without a doubt, my favourite food. However, I’m a bit of a sushi snob, you could say.

My first impressions of the ‘ZEZ Lounge’ (the sushi restaurant at the resort) were good. The staff picked us up from the resort entrance in our own private golf buggy and took us straight to the door of the restaurant. We were then sat down and given a massive bowl of edamame beans and a bowl of miso soup each, completely on the house. Yep, it was free!

The sushi itself was quite pricey but I didn’t expect it to be cheap as this is The Four Seasons, a renowned 5 star resort. As a result, I didn’t order monumental amounts but that really wasn’t a problem as I was quite stuffed after my massive bowl of edamame beans!

The sushi itself was incredible. I always order salmon sashimi (yep, I’m one of those people who always order the same thing) and compared to other salmon sashimi I’ve had, this was undoubtedly one of the best – in my top 2 to be exact. But the sushi really won me over with the tuna sashimi, something I don’t normally like. I took a risk and ordered it as the tuna is freshly caught off the island so as tuna would go, I’d hoped it would be good. Oh my, it was incredible, perhaps better than the salmon. Nothing beats fresh sushi actually caught on the island. Remember, I normally detest tuna sashimi but I absolutely loved this one!

The only negative of the restaurant (and all restaurants in The Four Seasons) was that tax is not included in the menu. You then get hit with a bill a lot higher than you were expecting at the end as it’s suddenly been added on as well as the mandatory service charge. A little deceptive, I’d say but I enjoyed the food so much so I wasn’t that annoyed.

The Beach restaurant

This is more reasonably priced than the ZEZ Lounge but still not super cheap. Though to be honest with you, even the ‘cheap’ restaurants in Seychelles are expensive so in comparison, I wouldn’t say this was much more.

I indulged in the best burger I have ever had at this restaurant. The sweet potato fries that came with it were to die for! Though for £40 a burger, I’d highly expect it to be the best I’d ever had!

So, Why is The Four Seasons, Seychelles so Zen?

I’ve never been anywhere that has allowed me to unwind as much as The Four Seasons has. The staff were so polite and considerate that they made me feel like a proper guest of the resort, which was an incredible feeling. Having access to many of the resort’s facilities like the beach and water sports made me feel even more content.

The overall vibe of the resort was one of relaxation. It was incredibly peaceful with barely any people walking around. I saw more staff than guests! The sound of birdsong was all around me and the seats outside the restaurant were very comfortable! Let’s not forget that the resort is also incredibly beautiful. I think the photos speak for themselves, really.

If you are visiting Seychelles, I highly recommend spending a day at The Four Seasons. The best part about this Zen oasis is it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to visit.


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