Zen Places – Sagada, Mountain Province

by Eloise at Ms. Meeting Adventures

Sagada, Mountain Province – so far, this is the place that made me feel disconnected, pampered and relaxed. It is a town in Cordillera, a mountainous region of the Philippines.

It is very far from the city that it takes approximately 7 hours to get there with lots of twists and turns along the way. You can either go there by van or bus. Regardless of these two, the long journey itself is already very inconvenient. However, I can say that it was totally worth it.

Let me start with a little introduction about myself… I grew up in the city and for 23 years, I had never lived anywhere else. The hustle and bustle of the city life is what greets me when I wake up every morning. That is why when I took the courage to travel to this remote area, I was surprised that I felt at peace. Of course, it was a different feeling at first. Their local lifestyle, their foods, and their tradition… It was strange.

It was a completely new environment from what I’m used to but I was not disturbed. I also went to the cave, trekked to the hanging coffins, and conquered the underground river with my friends. It was one of the scariest that I encountered but I was still not disturbed. I also waited for the sunrise with a sea of clouds in front of me. It was a spectacular moment.

Sagada reunited me back to nature. But apart from all these treats from Mother Nature, I was more impressed with their culture and how they were still able to preserve it despite all the external influences nowadays.

It was too hard to leave and to go back to the busy city life. If I ever have to distress again, I will definitely still choose Sagada. There’s more to its quiet and peaceful atmosphere that will always draw me back over and over again.


     Zdrasti! I am Eloise, the blogger behind Ms. Meeting Adventures. I am a 20-something Software Engineer who loves to travel, explore places, experience different cultures and chase dreams. Born, raised and currently living in the beautiful Philippines while traveling around the world.. one baby step at a time. You can find me and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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