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Zen Places – Kaliakria Resort

Kaliakria Resort – the Friendly Place. This is how they label themselves and I was a little surprised to discover that the place really is a friendly one where you can find anything you wish for.

When I travel, I try to leave all the expectations at home and focus on making the best out of any trip and any destination. You might imagine this is a struggle for a leo like myself but sometimes this comes in handy, other times I have to admit it can get more challenging, but my weekend in Bulgaria last week was just perfect, especially the time spent at this incredible resort overlooking the Black Sea.

Perfectly placed on top of a cliff, the resort gives you the impression you are stepping into a small perfect village, where everything is within walking distance and where you can leave all thoughts and concerns at the door and focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself.

We arrived shortly after sunset on a Friday evening and little did we know the timing was perfect for enjoying a delicious mussels dinner with a savory bottle of white Bulgarian wine at the Bistro’s terrace. We found our way towards the bistro, let ourselves sink into the chairs and relax after a 5 hours drive.

I liked how the setting was simple but cozy, set close to a small lake with blooming lotuses, close to a children’s playground. What more could you wish for? Oh wait, on the left side of the bistro there’s this little garden packed with tomatoes, vine, and pepper plants. Walking around the garden, the smell of ripe tomatoes set me back many years ago, in my childhood, when I was running around in my garden in the countryside, careless and free.

Kaliakria Resort bistroKaliakria Resort Bistro logoKaliakria Resort garden bistro Impressed as I was, I went to sleep thinking this was the best I could get, the best anyone could wish for from a getaway, but the best was yet to come when at breakfast, we woke up to this incredible view.  El Balcon del Mundo

El Balcon del Mundo is a dream, at any time of the day, but just imagine having breakfast with a nice glass of champagne to complement your freshly made omelet or plate of cheese or even better, admiring the sun set into the sea, behind the cliffs. From here, you can also have a peek through the telescope and see how the Bulgarian fisherman return from the sea. Kaliakria Resort balcon.jpg

What to do once breakfast is over? Enjoy the great weather next to one of the pools the resort has to offer, one of which, a huge infinity pool you will just fall in love with! I know I helplessly did and am currently thinking and making plans in my head of getting back here. DSC_0561DSC_0594DSC_0593

Useful information

Location: The resort is located in Topola, about half hour drive from Varna (airport) and shuttles can be arranged. As well, if you are coming from Romania, once you cross the border at Vama Veche, you will have only around a 45 min drive.

How to book: Use this link and get 10% off your trip at your return 🙂

Kaliakria resort

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    1. I would say yes, but only from what I’ve seen from others, not having a kid myself. The resort itself looks like a small village where you have plenty of pools to choose from, I’ve also seen several playgrounds and a big trampoline next to one of the big pools. In my view, you can consider it as an option 🙂

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