What makes you tick?

What makes you happy? What makes you zen? At what do you turn to whenever you feel like you have had enough, but not only? What do you do in your spare time to disconnect?

I personally think there is no secret to happiness, simply because there is no such thing as fully and constant happiness. Oh, please don’t get me wrong, I haven’t said I don’t believe in happiness, I just simply think the concept is so much overrated nowadays. I think that now more than never, driven by media and all the channels through which we are bombed with (sometimes distorted) information, we tend to create an utopic view of what happiness and life should look like. And we get so hung up on fighting for this utopic goal and so disappointed and sad when we don’t quite get where we have wished to, that we forget to look at the small things, the ones that really matter. Or at least I do.

I’m not saying we should settle for less, but when does more become too much? When do we know we have stepped the line and we should just stop looking at others and stop comparing ourselves to them, breath in and out and make some order in our goals?
After a life of moodiness and self-induced disappointment, I have come to this place where I can (and it is still a day to day struggle) sometimes shake myself from the “I want” state of mind and concentrate more on the “I have and I am grateful” state of mind. It is hard, but only when you force yourself to stop and acknowledge the things around you, you will be able to really be happy.

Happy to admire the magnolias in bloom, happy to savor a glass of prosecco after a full day at work, happy to watch the rain fall on a chilly autumn day and take in the humid air, happy to travel to a close by or far away place, happy to watch the sunset on the beach, happy to taste some local dish you have never heard about, happy to learn about new cultures and people, happy to walk barefoot on a tropical beach, happy to watch the little crabs building sand castles, happy to read a book you love on a lazy weekend day …just happy to be alive and well. And these are the things that I have learned to get touched by.

But what makes you tick?

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One thought on “What makes you tick?

  1. Yep, it is important for me to look for a little happiness in every day, otherwise the day passes me by and I am back to square one again wondering what happened to yesterday! Not wanting to sound too fluffy but a little bit of gratefulness goes a long way! Enjoy your day. Mel

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