2018 and all my pretty adventures

As stated last year in December, it is nice to lay on paper (ok, not really paper) all the places I have visited in the year that has passed, and all the adventures I had along with friends of the family. For me, 2018 was as beautiful as 2017, filled with trips and experiences. A […]

The other side of travel

Most of the people I know like to travel, largely for the yearly holiday but in the last years, they have started traveling more and more, squeezing in at least one city break, choosing tropical destinations far away from home, investing more and more in this passion and curiosity.  The economy has developed as well […]

Making travel decisions

Growing up I didn’t have the possibility to travel, financially speaking. Being from Romania and having to grow up in the early 1990s in a country barely recovering after the communist era, in a normal family, we did not afford much. The only travel we made was, once or twice per year at the Black […]

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