My Zen week of gratitude

Since gratitude is my “improvement area” and in an attempt to make a change in this area and become better at practicing it, I have decided to create a new section: “My Zen week of gratitude”. Here, I will strip down from all the masks and veils and get to the bottom of what makes life beautiful and what I’m grateful for, things that most of the times we are too busy to notice and might have some wins from focusing on them. I will take it one step at a time and each week I will share 3 things for which I’m grateful and which have made my day better.
Acknowledging what we have at least for a few minutes a day, might make us happier, only by not focusing so much on those things that we lack (yet). Hope you will join me on this trip and I’m encouraging you to share the love and tell me what you are grateful for today.

So let’s go!

Day 1

Today, on the first day, I will focus on the obvious. The things that we fail to remember and on which we don’t concentrate most of the times: the fact that we are loved. No matter who you are and where you are, there is certainly someone out there who loves you. Be it your parent(s), your siblings, your significant other, your kids, your friends. I am grateful for all of them: my family, my significant other, my friends (as few as they might be). They make my life better each day because I am a strange mix of anti-socialness and longingness and need of approval.IMG_3457

The second most important thing in life is health. As long as you have this (with the sporadic problems everyone has) you should be thankful and happy. Even though I am very difficult when it comes to health (always something goes wrong, especially when I travel), overall I am healthy and everyone around me is as well. Thus, I’m grateful for this!

The third thing for today is maybe not an obvious one and one that not many might get or understand, but for me, it has been a huge struggle, for almost 10 years: learning how to drive. Yes, there is that stereotype about women at the wheel and I’ve struggled so much with my fears and insecurities until finally overcoming them and being able to drive. I have taken my driver’s license when I was 19 and have had some attempts but have managed to really be independent only last year. And since then, every now and then when I drive to work each morning I remember how I never thought I could ever do it. And that only means that we are capable of doing so much then we have ever though we could, we set limits for ourselves that could be so easily destroyed, only with a little perseverance and will.

What are you grateful for today?

MY zen week

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