My Zen week of gratitude

Since gratitude is my “improvement area” and in an attempt to make a change in this area and become better at practicing it, I have decided to create a new section: “My Zen week of gratitude”. Here, I will strip down from all the masks and veils and get to the bottom of what makes life beautiful and what I’m grateful for, things that most of the times we are too busy to notice and might have some wins from focusing on them. I will take it one step at a time and each week I will share 3 things for which I’m grateful and which have made my day better.
Acknowledging what we have at least for a few minutes a day, might make us happier, only by not focusing so much on those things that we lack (yet). Hope you will join me on this trip and I’m encouraging you to share the love and tell me what you are grateful for today.

So let’s go!

Day 2

I am grateful about yoga, about having found this great way of feeling happy by myself and good in my own skin. Here is where my antisocial skills step in place because I prefer doing it on my own, not having to be distracted by all the people fussing around at the gym and being able to concentrate to the fullest. This practice has helped me a lot during my struggles with stress and unhappiness related to work when I felt like my heart and head would explode, getting home and unfolding my yoga mat did the trick (most of the times at least). Don’t remember how exactly I discovered it, but I’m grateful I did.IngridKirita_PhuQuoc

I’m grateful for my travels and the experiences I have gathered along the way, for through them I have become the person I am today. I remember dreaming about my first time flying, booking my first plane ticket, the excitement did not go away even after all these years and I still feel like a little child on Christmas morning each time I decide for a new destination. I am grateful because I have managed to create this for myself. I have worked hard and there is still work to be done, but the thought that at the end of the month I have a trip awaiting, keeps me going!

I’m grateful for my job. There would be so many things to say about this and I’m sure everyone has moments and days when they would do anything else in the world. But at the end of the day, my jobs offers me the possibility to do the thing I like most – TRAVEL! Sure, you could argue that I could travel and create a job out of this and this is on my bucket list, but I’m not there yet so I choose to celebrate my current work. And you should too, even if it’s not your dream job, it’s the thing that facilitates your living 🙂

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