My “fitness” journey (10 trainings to try) Part II


Once I got over Zumba, I’ve tried running. I’ve tried running in the park, on a stadium, in the gym on the treadmill, alone, with friends, with a running group…well, running it’s just not for me. I get bored, not very entertained ..but this is just me.

So I have registered to a local gym club. A great one, that offers all sorts of activities, so I’ve tried them all: from bodypump, to metabolic workout,  GRIT, spinning, Bosu, pilates and yoga. I’ve enjoyed them all:

  • Bodypump helps you build muscle and strength. Throughout  60 min you go through weight training for all major muscle groups, using light to moderate weights and a lot of repetitions.
  • Metabolic Workout is a 45 min very intensive interval training. I used to attend this class from 7 AM and it really did the trick over the whole day. Sometimes I felt like dying, like my muscle (especially the large one such as the quadriceps) did not want to listen to me, but afterwards everything felt just right. That’s why I just kept on going back.
  • GRIT is the hardest workout I’ve ever attended in my life. It is split into two 30 min workouts (Strength and Plyo) and you can choose to attend only one or both. Both classes are very intense, based on interval training, few repetitions, done in a very alert tempo.
  • I think most of you know spinningit’s like cycling but without moving or seeing any nice view around you (apart from sweaty people). I get mixed feelings about this particular class, if I’m in the right mood it can be really fun, but when it’s not fun, it’s just not fun at all (it can get as boring as running for me).

 After almost 2 years of being a member of the club, I’ve decided to try on YOGA. I have to admit that in the beginning I was rather skeptical about it, since for me it is very hard to stand still for longer that a few seconds and the “omm” thing sounded ..well…not in my cup of tea. But I was swept away. I’ve found that yoga is really the right thing for me, I (ok, sometimes) managed to keep my mind still for one hour and understood that I was not as strong (physically and mentally) as I thought I was. I found myself searching the web in order to find more places where to practice, home videos to practice on my own, ways of improving mobility and flexibility and of course ways of relaxation.

There are all sorts of yoga styles out there and I think I enjoy most of them (at least the popular ones – ashtanga, bikram, hatha, yin, kundalini, power) also because each one can be practiced anywhere, as long as you can find a quiet corner or open space somewhere.

My yoga journey has started more or less 2 years ago and I don’t think I will get bored in the near future, because it offers me variety, support, it shows me that I still have a long way to go, but also that this is not a bad thing. I haven’t always been consistent and persevering, but each and every time I’ve gone back to the mat.


I honestly think that yoga offers me the right blend between physical and mental exercise. Being the kind of person who cannot keep still for long, always feeling the need of doing something, competing with someone (or with myself), fitting into some standard, trying to please everyone without understanding that this cannot be done and that it makes me unhappy, I was constantly in a bad mood. I always wish for the past or look forward to the future. Yoga (once again, not only the physical practice) opened my eyes and made me think and understand that I don’t have to run myself down for everything, thought me mindfulness, acceptance and that life should be fun and only I can make it fun, that there should be balance in everything. I still have a long way to go and a lot of things to learn and practice, but I am absolutely happy that I went to that class on that Saturday morning and I won’t leave it anytime soon.

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