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Growing up I didn’t have the possibility to travel, financially speaking. Being from Romania and having to grow up in the early 1990s in a country barely recovering after the communist era, in a normal family, we did not afford much. The only travel we made was, once or twice per year at the Black Sea and in the Romanian mountains (both of which are incredible places that need to be visited at least once). But I was hungry for more!

I remember that every single time when the holiday approached, the night before leaving I couldn’t sleep full of anxiety in anticipation of the trip and also partly because I had this feeling in my heart that something might happen and the trip would be cancelled. The saddest day of the vacation was not the last one, but the day before. Sadness would take over me and I would cry my ass off because I didn’t want to get back home, I just wanted to stay there and explore more, or go even further away. Needless to say, my pouting never worked and I always got back home, back to school and do the  monotonous days of the year.

My dream was to travel the world, to see all the hidden gems, to meet different people from fascinating cultures and learn about their day-to-day lives, to taste foods I had never thought about (just how I saw people on TV doing), to bathe in deep blue crystal oceans and to swim with dolphins. And I partially made it happen, until now. I worked a whole lot for it and I saved a large part of what I earned for trips. I was of course always drawn to jobs that would include a travel component, even if I came to find out that 9 – 10 hours in the office are the same no matter the location you’re in and very often at the end of the day you are simply too tired for sightseeing.

With time and perseverance (professionally) it became easier to travel (financially) but I still need to make this a priority and I have such a long way to go until I get to tick everything off of my bucket list – yup, the world is BIG.

This is my travel map as of today, I have already planned some trips in Europe for the months to come but I am constantly thinking about the next “big trip”.

What about you? Where to?

Where are you going or where would you go if you would have around 2 free weeks in November?


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2 thoughts on “Making travel decisions

  1. Come to Australia. November is a good time to visit although 2 weeks is not really long enough! 😉 Perhaps you could just focus on one state and use it as a taster for a return trip!??

    Have fun planning! Mel

    1. Oh my Melanie, you don’t know how much I would love to visit Australia! I only have two related concerns at this stage: the distance (it is one of the most distant places from my home country) and the cost (both of getting there and of spending two weeks there). If I won’t make it at this stage, I am most certainly saving up for a trip to Australia! Thanks so muh for the input!

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