Blue remedies for when you’ve got the blues

We all get sad and blue from time to time, or is it just me? I sometimes fall into this deep state of melancholy and most of the times it’s even for no reason at all, but what can I do? I can’t control it, but I can surely fight it!

And how do you do that? How do you fight the blues? 

Somehow, looking at pictures of the blue destinations I’ve once visited always helps me. Reminiscing about the yellow sandy beaches kissed by crisp blue waves, stony cliffs looking minacious over the water and tall tropical trees swaying on the wind’s sweet songs, always make me smile. And how couldn’t they?

So for when you feel sad and blue, here are my favorite places and pictures that help me out.

Zanzibar – Pemba Island

When I’m looking at the pictures taken in this place I sometimes need to remind myself this place is indeed real, not a fruit of my imagination. No need for Photoshop, Sapseed or any other tool, the natural beauty of the place works on its own.

Beautiful island destinations
Pemba Island in Zanzibar

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Blue Lagoon on Comino Island – Malta

We took a ferry trip from Malta to Comino Island and were promised a breathtaking view, a slice of Paradise. But you cannot have Paradise for free right? The moment we stepped outside of the boat and started bathing, a thick black cloud turned day into night and hail hit us. Luckily, Summer rain does not last long and we had several hours to swim from one strip of land to the other and enjoy the place where Brat Pitt has filmed Troy.

Beautiful island destinations
Comino Island in Malta

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Cayo Santa Maria – Cuba

I could just close my eyes and be thousands of miles away on this deserted sandy beach in the Carribean, with no phone or internet access, laying under the hungry sun with a book in one hand and a Cuba Libre in the other. Here is where I’ve experience remoteness for the longest period since the digital era and I’ve learned that I won’t die without connection to the world. We think we are connected but in fact, we are so disconnected from the real outside world, thus I encourage you to try getting away every now and then.

Beautiful island destinations
The beautiful beach front at our resort in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

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Phu Quoc Island – Vietnam

Getting to this unbelievable beach was an adventure for sure, but only because we made the wrong choices when it comes to timing and estimating distances – you can read the full experience on Ioana’s page. When we got there the next day we were in awe and could not help but return over and over again, even if the initial plan was to try out many more beaches on the island.  If you’ll get here, you will understand.

Beautiful island destinations
Doing Yoga at Sao Beach in Phu Quoc Island

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Cape Greco – Cyprus

“I feel on top of the World!” – no, I’m not talking about Titanic, this was my feeling when I got on the top of Cape Greco, after wandering around in the National Park at 42 degrees without a bottle of water or something to cover my head. All the inconveniences just drifted away and all I could think about was the immense blueness laying in front of my eyes. Of course, this is not the only dreamy place in Cyprus, much more could compete for the first place, but I will leave you to discover them.

Beautiful island destinations
The view from the top in Cape Greco Belvedere point

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Sicily – Italy

After a road trip on the hectic streets of Catania in Sicily, getting lost several times, accompanied by 3 people I had just met the day before, but who were a great company, reaching Syracuse was a mouth of fresh air. Even though it was February, even though I was in a deep depression, getting off of the car on the steep sea wall, having the cool wind in my hair was all I needed. I felt a wonderful lightness in my body, a ridiculous happiness, it seemed to come from nowhere.

Beautiful island destinations
Sicily at its best: Siracusa on a crisp February day

Amalfi Coast – Italy

Oh, the Land of Gods! You get here and you can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with everything: the narrow road that drives you from Sorrento to Positano and then Amalfi offering you a fairy tale like view on the right side, the boats looking like dots on an endless blue board, the many lemon trees with their bright yellow and green colors, the old white buildings with colorful roofs nestled on the steep hill facing the sea. In my opinion, Amalfi is the best you could get and wish for, and I’m not exaggerating at all, just look at the picture.

Beautiful island destinations
The beautiful city of Amalfi Source: Pixabay

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Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

This hits really close to home and maybe you are wondering why I am not recommending the Romanian Black Sea shore and I might be asking myself the same question, but the truth is I still haven’t found any place as lovely as these ones closer to home. Some might say you don’t have much to do here but that is exactly the point, it is the perfect place to sit back and relax, without any worry in the world.

Beautiful island destinations
Go until the end of the dam and you will feel one with the sea

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So here it is, my list of the seaside hanting sea side places in the world. I am sure there are many more yet to be discovered and why don’t you give me a hand and suggest new destinations to add to my list?


Seaside destinations

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21 thoughts on “Blue remedies for when you’ve got the blues

  1. I lived I Malta and I loved going to the blue lagoon, especially just before season starts and the influx of people haha. It was the best swimming in that crystal clear water!

  2. Beautiful! Reminiscing about my trips always makes me feel better and there’s nothing better than remembering gorgeously blue ocean to cheer you up!

    1. Oh, sweety enjoy it to the fullest, but make sure to see also all the other beautiful places Malta holds in store! May you have a lovely escape on the island because September is the perfect month to visit!

  3. It always helps to close our eyes and remember the fun places we’ve been. There are times when I can’t travel due to work or family commitments and it’s hard! To be honest, summer isn’t always the best time that I like to travel, even when everyone else is. I prefer the off-season, but sometimes reevaluate my decisions when everyone else seems to be on the go. Thanks for this post – I needed the reminder!

    1. I so feel you Rachelle! I also think Summer is too much of everything: too crowded, too hot, too expensive! Especially in Europe. Even so, my itching feet always feel the need to run somewhere new 🙂

  4. Love this blog post! And this list is kind of inspiring. Plus – Balchik is one of my most favourite places in the whole world. I need to go back asap!

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