Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

Tulip Frenzy – a sea of colourful tulips and windmills in Holland

When Spring comes you all know that Instagram feed will get packed with perfect dreamy pictures of some of the most incredible tulip fields in The Netherlands. But this year, I was looking for the greatest experience: finding the best tulip fields near Amsterdam.

And I won’t lie to you, I’ve done just that: found the perfect tour to the tulip fields in Northern Amsterdam and I want to share with you what I’ve seen and why I liked it so much.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

Finding the best tulip fields near Amsterdam

I have to admit that I wanted to experience this in the easiest way possible, thus before booking the trip with Tulip Tours Holland, I had done a lot of research, gathering a whole lot of information and coming to the best decision I could have made.

What are the options for seeing the tulips in Holland?

Visit Keukenhof 

This is the first thing that comes to mind if you know a little bit about tulips in Holland.

Keukenhof is maybe the most famous garden in the world for its millions of tulips. And when I say millions I’m not exaggerating: they have over 7 million tulip bulbs, covering over 800 varieties of tulips.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam
Source: Pixabay

The park is carefully organized, offering various inspirational gardens, flower art, and different flower shows throughout the opening season.

What’s the downside to it? The crowds.

Since Keukenhof is so popular and it is open only for a short period of time each year, it gets pretty packed with tourists.

I was planning to visit Holland only for one day, thus getting from Brussels to Amsterdam, taking the 397 bus from the train station to Schipol Airport, and then taking another bus to Keukenhof (858 bus) would have meant spending most time on the road, arriving at the park pretty late when it would have been already crowded, and not even getting that perfect picture I was dreaming of.

And yes, there is always the option of taking an Amsterdam to Keukenhof tour.

Rent a car and get exploring

Of course, if you are planning to visit Holland for more days (or even for one) there is always the option of renting a car and heading for the countryside in the search for the best tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

I have to say that I have thought long and hard about this option, but the few downsides to this option discouraged me:

  • I had only less than 24 hours to find that perfect tulip field I was looking for and had no idea where to find it
  • I never drove elsewhere than Romania (which normally means I can drive almost wherever in this world) so I was nervous about doing on my own (my mother who was joining me does not know how to drive)
  • Finding parking spaces close to the fields, having the concern of a rented car
  • Not knowing if I could find fields open to walk through them (I had read that in Lisse since it is such a popular destination for finding tulip fields, farmers usually close the fields and don’t allow sloppy tourists to step on their tulips)

Needless to say, I gave up on this option as well.

Take the train and rent a bicycle 

Finding the perfect tulip fields from Amsterdam or even the best Holland flower fields (yes there is more to Holland then tulips), means that you will have to have some time to explore.

When researching this option I had actually found 2 versions of trips.

Taking the train from Amsterdam to Lelystad, renting a bike and going searching for the tulip fields in the less touristic Northern Holland.

The second option was to take the train from Amsterdam to Haarlem, renting a bike and heading South to the more touristic tulip fields in Lisse.

Since the last time I rode a bike was many years ago and moreover, my mother does not know how to, this was not an option. Also, if the weather is not the nicest riding a bike in the cold for tens of kilometers might not be the way of doing this.

Book a tour with Tulip Tours Holland

In my opinion, this is the best option of really seeing the best tulip fields near Amsterdam.

Who is behind Tulip Tours Holland?

Mike is the guide of the day! He’s actually farming tulips himself, living in the most picturesque Dutch village next to the most beautiful pink tulip field. He will tell you lots of stories about tulips, the Netherlands, and much more.

Seila is the greatest photographer! With a warm smile always on her face (she is from Spain after all) she will make you feel comfortable and take the most beautiful pictures for you to remember forever!

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam
Seila and Mike in front of the smallest candy shop in Holland
What have we done in a day tour

Leaving Amsterdam behind in a minivan, I did not have to worry about driving or paying attention to the tulip fields. I could just sit back, relax and admire the beautiful landscape and Dutch houses, almost torn from a fairytale.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

Just a short half hour after we left town we got to see the first colorful tulip fields and my heart was dancing with joy!

The tour took us through the Northern Holland, all the way up North from Amsterdam because this is where the less known flower fields of Holland are found. Everywhere we went, we only saw farmers checking their crops, no tourists snooping around except for us.

The first stop was at the smallest candy shop in Holland and in the small and historic town of de Rijp.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

With a population of a little bit over 4000 people, located in the Alkmaar province, de Rijp was once a very important port town (even more important than Amsterdam) which lost its shine because of several fires that affected the town throughout the years.

The small town is now just a quiet charming village, which will steal your heart away. And if you have seen Zaanse Schans be sure you’ll love De Rijp.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

Moving forward we stopped next to a beautiful old windmill, so iconic for the Netherlands, and even more perfect with the colorful tulip fields in the background.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

As we were taking pictures on the side of the road, a great Dutch guy stopped by and offered to lead us to this great spot where we would find fields of tulips in different colors and windmills in the background. I’m still impressed by how friendly and willing to help Dutch people are.

Since this is not your typical tour, and Mike and Seila are devoted to offering you the greatest experience, we did a small detour and went looking for the perfect spot.

This allowed us to take some of the most iconic pictures of the Netherlands, its tulips and windmills.

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

After a delicious Dutch lunch, we drove to one of Mike’s tulip fields (the one which was in bloom, since it was rather early in the year) and took some of the loveliest pictures.

At Tulip Tours Holland they have some of the prettiest props for taking pictures, from the charming green bicycle to the very yellow traditional Dutch clogs, to the romantic white picture frame.

Did I mention they also have a drone? They’ll take some pretty awesome pictures from above!

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

Finding the best Tulip fields near Amsterdam

When is the perfect time to visit Holland for the tulip fields?

This was the first thing I looked for when planning my trip to the Netherlands for the tulips.

With a small window of opportunity, you can let yourself guided by the opening period of Keukenhof. Usually, the park is open between late March – early April and mid – May. 

If you want an even more accurate timetable and your trip dates are flexible, you can check out the Bollenstreek website where you will find a map of all the stages the tulip fields are in.

My go-to version would be to contact Tulip Tours Holland before planning your trip and ask them for the status on location 🙂 They will surely help you out with all the information you will need.

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