Italy is amazing! If I were to choose a place to live in, it would most probably be Italy, no doubt about it. But not in the crowded touristic cities. Sure, Rome is charming, Milan is stylish, Florence is one of the most romantic places I’ve ever seen, but you won’t see the real deal until you have visited one of these 5 cities in Italy nobody told you about.

I love being by the sea, and of course most of them are by it, but not only, because there are plenty of other things that can steal your heart and make you get back to a place over and over least in your mind.

5 cities in Italy nobody told you about

1. Noli 

When you say Liguria most probably one destination pops up in your mind: Cinque Terre. But there is so much more to this province than that. Sure, the 5 little villages will charm you and make you fall in love with Italy forever, but if you are looking for a less crowded place, still small, still by the sea, Noli is where you want to be.

With a rich history, the small and elegant town of Noli, has beautiful beaches, alleyways you can get lost in, and some terraces overlooking the sea where you will want to spend your mornings sipping a good coffee and your evenings tasting a delicious gelato.

2. Trieste 

Moving more to the Eastern part of Italy, stopping at one of my favorite cities (I know I might say that about all the cities in Italy, but who can blame me for that?): Trieste.

This city adopted me for half of year and showed me the real face of Italy. Here is where I’ve learned how to party, love sunsets by the sea and do aperitivo like a local. Whenever I close my eyes and think about this place, the first thing that comes to mind is the smell of salty water and the noise of coffee mugs in the morning.

Why you should not miss it if you get the chance? Simply because you will fall in love with its magic and romance. And who doesn’t want to drink a delicious Illy coffee right in the place of origin?

TIP: If you somehow get more time and since you are in the Northern part of Italy, why not extend your trip and head over to the Lake District as well? Why miss seeing Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como?

5 cities in Italy nobody told you about
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3. Portovenere

Very close to the Cinque Terre, but still not part of them, Portovenere holds the same charm especially if you come by boat, case in which you will be welcomed by the long line of beautifully colored houses.

Still touristic, the port is a bit more remote than the ones part of the Cinque Terre, since the Cinque Terre Express does not stop here, but you still need to expect plenty of people on the narrow streets.

I really loved our stop here and if I were to go back to this part of Italy, I would most probably search to spend here a few nights, the town is a bit bigger then others in the area, but holding a particular charm.

5 cities in Italy nobody told you about

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4. Finalborgo (Finale Ligure)

I bet you’ve never heard about this place, I hadn’t either until I took a trip here during our Mediterranean cruise this Summer, and convinced myself Liguria is the place to be (or move) in Italy!

Finalborgo (or Finale Borgo as you might find it), is a small historic, fairy-tale like town hidden between the hills, but still not far from the sea. You won’t need much time to explore it, but either way, you can still choose to spend a couple of days and take things slow.

If you won’t visit the ancient town with a group, chances are that you will find the empty streets meeting only locals every here and there, making the experience even more unique and novel. Climb the hill following the castle’s wall and you will get to this impressive view.

5 cities in Italy nobody told you about

5. Tivoli

Visiting Rome for the first time and you have more time available? Or even better, you have already been to the Eternal City and you have returned and want more? Tivoli with its endearing Villa D’Este is the perfect place to visit for a day trip (or even half day) from Rome.

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the villa will charm you both on the inside and on the outside with its amazing garden filled with many impressive fountains.

5 cities in Italy nobody told you about



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5 thoughts on “5 cities in Italy nobody told you about, but you must see

  1. Underscoring Portovenere! I loved that it wasn’t as touristy as it’s 5 sisters. These are great suggestions – Italy is chock-full of neat little towns. Great suggestions!

  2. omg, that water in Noli looks breathtaking. So clear! Yeah, none of these locations were on my radar but I’m going to Italy next year so maybe I can squeeze something in.

  3. I have been traveling to Italy since 1978 because of my love Italy so much we are semi retire and I been begin my wife to move there.any small town or Y favorite (Florence)so I may have lunch in The mountains of Pistoia. Venice and all the small towns Bassano Del Grappa. Milano and all the small towns,even Meda.I told you guys don t get me starring.

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