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3 of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands!

Until very recently I thought The Netherlands stood only for, oh well, Amsterdam, cheese, tulips and coffee shops ( wink, wink). But in late July I found myself planning a 5 day trip to the beautiful underwater country (ok, partly) and researching like crazy for the most beautiful places in The Netherlands. 

And I am referring here to the most beautiful places apart from Amsterdam. Don’t get me wrong, I love the capital of The Netherlands, but it wasn’t my first time there thus I wanted to see and feel more.


So here are, my 3 most beautiful places in The Netherlands

Zaanse Schans 

I’ve written about it also here, and here (for my Romanian readers) calling the place “The Windmill and Chocolate City” because that is how I will always remember it in my mind and heart.

The little town is really close to Amsterdam, making it easy to reach by train and a cheap getaway from the busy streets of Holland’s capital town.

Plan a half day visit to one of my top choices for one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and get ready to indulge in tons of chocolate, hot chocolate drinks, and windmills.

What fascinated me the most was how people still live in these small colorful houses, in the middle of this very windy place and how windmills used to be both a means of living for people, while also being the place they lived in.

If you have a few days in Amsterdam and you are looking to spend a few hours away from the craziness, go to Zaanse Schans!

Zaanse Schans - The Windmill and Chocolate City | IngridZenMoments
Stroll around the beautiful windmill village

 Where to stay in Zaanse Schans

While the little windmill town is very close to Amsterdam, you might still want to spend a night away from the tourist crowds and choose to stay in the little village on the canals, thus here are a few options:

  • Hotel Zaandijk – set in one of those beautiful greenhouses, just by the canal and the bridge linked to Zaanse Schans, this is the perfect romantic setting for spending a night in the cocoa-infused town.
  • Stay on your own little island – wouldn’t that be so cool? The place is such a nice, traditional type of accommodation really close to Amsterdam and Zaanse Schans.


Driving along the greenest fields I have ever seen before, with traditional music playing in the background, I couldn’t get my eyes off the window.

Tens of beautiful cows passed by, looking so happy and relaxed, sharing the wide green with their fellow ducks and geese, while no one was bothering them.

I was so absorbed in thinking how beautiful life would be here and I almost didn’t feel the whole road to the second most beautiful place in The Netherlands: Volendam.

3 of the most beautiful places to visit in The Netherlands | IngridZenMoments
Bicycles on the canals of Volendam


We were told that Volendam is a very small fisherman town, in North Holland, that used to be the harbor of the nearby Edam. Needless to say, I had a whole different picture in my mind before I got there.

Volendam surprised me with its beauty and narrow canals, framed by alluring scarlet homes with wide windows letting the light caress their interiors.

I lost the group while taking tens of pictures since couldn’t decide what I loved most: the pretty flowers mirroring in the clear water, the picture perfect little houses who were standing in line waiting for me to photograph them, or the long, sunny strip of beach, taking us straight to the small city center.

3 of the most beautiful places to visit in The Netherlands | IngridZenMoments
Volendam’s small and elegant city center

What can you do in Volendam, you ask?

Oh well, choose one of the most popular activities:

  • Visit a cheese factory and learn how cheese is done directly from the producers. Watch a demonstration, taste endless types of cheese and spend your money wisely on at least 3 varieties of cheese.
  • Move forward to one of the places where you will get to taste, see how they are done and if you’re lucky (like me :D), get to make them yourself. What am I talking about? Stroopwafels of course! They are tasty, sweet and perfect to have with a cup of coffee or tea in a rainy morning while looking outside your window and dreaming about fairy tales.
  • Take a seat on a bench. Even better, grab a waffle soaked in Nutella and while nibbling on it, admire the daily life. I promise you’ll understand very quickly why famous painters such as Picasso or Renoir fell in love with this small but charming town.

3 of the most beautiful places to visit in The Netherlands | IngridZenMoments

Lovely colored houses overlooking the narrow strip of beach

Where to stay in Volendam

Volendam is such a small and charming place offering so many options, that it might just be a pity not to spend at least one night here, and below are my picks, mixing traditionalism with comfort and beautiful views:

  • Hotel Marinapark Volendam – right in the center of Volendam, if you are lucky and catch some sunny days, you might even get some beach time.
  • Charming skipper’s lodge – what can be more authentic than spending a night in this place? Just have a look and come back afterward and let me know.
  • Edam house – head a bit further from Volendam to Edam and rent this beautiful romantic old house. I would surely love to spend a few days here and taste the cheese, explore the countryside, see the windmills.


This town was probably the most beautiful place to visit in The Netherlands!

Also known as “The Venise of the North“, Ghiethoorn is a 2000 inhabitants town, without cars, where every house is placed on a small island of its own and attracts more than 1 mil. tourists yearly.

If that is not enough to have you heading that way, you should know that you can only walk, ride a bike here or rent a boat and sail along the beautiful canals. 3 of the most beautiful places to visit in The Netherlands | IngridZenMoments

Where to stay in Giethoorn

I am also dreaming about returning and spending a quiet and relaxed weekend in a traditional house here, and I have to admit my mind is set on the B&B Plompeblad. But you can also choose to stay in an old windmill, transformed more recently into a hotel. Talk about novel experiences!

3 of the most beautiful places to visit in The Netherlands | IngridZenMoments

Ok, this is not a place that will offer you a lot of activities to choose from, but for me, spending a few days (or just an afternoon) in such a peaceful place, sipping on Prosecco and eating mussels, it’s not a bad way of spending time. And all with such a charming colorful view!

3 of the most beautiful places to visit in The Netherlands | IngridZenMoments


3 of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands

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