Budapest in 3 days – the most romantic escape

Budapest in 3 days

When you think about romantic getaways in Europe, what comes to mind? Most certainly you’ll tell me Paris and some other parts of France, maybe Italy and Vienna. But you might never think about this one place that won me over, the first and the second time I’ve seen it: Budapest. Bear with me and read […]

The Romanian Wine road – a charming trip through vineyards

Romanian Wine Road

What’s that one thing that you think of when saying Romania? Ok, most of you might say “nothing comes to mind”, some might say “Dracula, of course” and others would think about some not so flattering stuff for us Romanians. But keep on reading and I’ll help you link this Eastern European country to something that […]

Athens travel information – everything you need to know

Athens travel information - what you need to know before visiting

This Summer somehow I found myself going back to Greece. And why shouldn’t we Romanians do that since Greece is so amazingly beautiful, so close to home and don’t get me started about the food? But after my first experience visiting Athens, the second time around I wanted to plan everything better, even if it would […]

Monemvasia, Peloponnese hidden gem

Monemvasia, Peloponnese hidden gem

This Summer, one of my boyfriend’s Greek friends was so nice to invite us to spend some days with him and his beautiful family in his father’s hometown in the Peloponnese peninsula. As we accepted the invitation, little did I know that I was going to discover one of Grece’s best-kept secret – the Byzantine castle […]